How to double professional services revenue

The StormMakers program is a comprehensive business development system designed specifically for professional services providers to help them broaden and decentralise the responsibility for BD across the firm.

This introductory series of three preview videos provides an overview of the program and its commerical rationale.

The first video:

  • Explains why there's more opportunity (new clients and projects)  than most professionals realise and why more than 50% of clients (even those that describe themselves as 'satisfied' with their current providers) would be prepared to switch firms
  • Describes how to double services revenue by making small incremental improvements in a few key areas of business development activity
  • Outlines some of the 'macro' trends affecting the professional services landscape and describes how to take advantage of them

The next preview video teaches some tactical, 'how to' techniques and strategies for winning new clients and projects.

For more information on how to implement the full StormMakers program to decentralise the responsibility and capability for BD across professional tiers within your firm, please go to